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Look out for Social Security Number scams.

Cited: KnowBe4 Security Team – www.KnowBe4.com

Fraudulent Activity

What is First National Bank Minnesota doing to protect your accounts?

First National Bank Minnesota is currently blocking all international transactions that are attempted on your card. In addition, we issue MasterCard debit cards through Fiserv, who provides 24/7 Fraud watch services and temporary card blocking to monitor suspicious activity. If a transaction out of your ordinary spending pattern is attempted on your account, the transaction will likely be blocked and you will receive a call directly from Fiserv Fraud Services, or EnFact. If you have a cell phone, we encourage you to provide this number to First National Bank Minnesota so that you can be contacted as quickly as possible if there is suspected fraud on your account. Cards with confirmed fraud will be closed and new cards issued.

What should you do to protect your accounts?

Monitor your accounts.

If you do not recognize a transaction, please contact us. Do not ignore small-dollar purchases. Criminals will often test stolen card information with small-dollar purchases. You can monitor your account through our online banking (www.fnbmn.com) or our automated phone bank line (888.703.4362).

Change your PIN number.

If you suspect that your PIN numbers were compromised, you can change your PIN number by calling 800-992-3808 and following the prompts.

Review daily card limits.

Your card has daily credit and debit limits to protect the balance in your account. These limits might range from $200 to $1,500.

If you have questions about your daily limit, please contact a Universal Banker at any First National Bank Minnesota location. Routinely check your credit reports. A free annual credit report can be obtained from each of the main credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) by going to AnnualCreditReport.com. This is the one website authorized by the Federal Trade Commission so do not confuse it with other sites that have “free credit report” in their name.

Please feel free to contact a Universal Banker at any of our locations if you have any further questions regarding this information. At First National Bank Minnesota, we work hard to always put you first and have the protection of your financial information as our highest priority.

Universal Banker

First National Bank Minnesota has embraced the Universal Banker concept within our organization.

This new Universal Banker position will be a combination of a Personal Banker and a Teller. Our goal is to provide a higher level of customer service. The move from traditional banking services involving tellers to a more enhanced, universal delivery for all those “retail-type” transactions, will expand the range of functions and improve skill levels allowing our bank to be more efficient and to improve engagement with our customers.

Open a new account, renew a Certificate of Deposit or simply cash a check with any of our Universal Bankers located in Mankato, St. Peter or the Gaylord offices.


Elder Financial Abuse

The elderly are all too often targets of financial abuse. It’s important for all customers to be aware of this very real issue and learn about ways to help prevent elder financial abuse from happening to themselves or their loved ones. If you have questions or concerns about the safety and security of your finances, you should speak to one of our universal bankers.

Independent Community Bankers Association, Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation and First National Bank Minnesota offer the following suggestions on ways to prevent elder financial abuse:

  • Secure all of your valuables in a bank safety deposit box. These valuables can include your Social Security card, passports, credit card account numbers, will and other legal documents, financial statements and medical records.
  • Do not give financial information to callers that contact you and claim to be from established organizations such as your bank or credit card companies, especially if they ask you to wire funds or send them private information. If you are concerned about your bank account, contact First National Bank Minnesota directly.
  • Check your bank accounts and bill statements carefully. You can check them online. For easier reading, you can zoom in to make the statement larger. If you notice unauthorized charges, alert First National Bank Minnesota immediately.
  • Do not give your personal information, such as bank account numbers or PINs, to anyone in a phone call, letter, email, fax or in a text message.
  • Have enough money set aside to support yourself and your immediate family for at least six months in case of an emergency. First National Bank Minnesota can help create a financial roadmap for you and your family.

Elder financial abuse is a rapidly growing problem. We are dedicated to providing educational resources to help our area seniors and their family members on ways to protect themselves against financial exploitation.